Traveling, exotic gems and city breaks all over the world

You don't need anything special to be a traveler. It starts with a lot of joy, positivity, self confidence, hunger and curiosity. You need a bag and you can put inside it all your horizon. You start from imagination, continue with a teeth brush and stop occasionally into a pair of running shoes if you want to see that places into a different perspective.

That's how I started. My journey have begun from curiosity, with a teeth brush and packed with the beauty of running in each corner of my beautiful country Romania. Initially all booted as part of a passion, continued with a running project and it has become my new lifestyle. I'm still reminding with a lot of joy of Bari from Italy and with an explosion of enthusiasm I can see in my eyes the memories from volcano El Teide. I'm thrilled that I could tasted the venetian bridges in running at first thing in the morning and with smile on my face I'm remembering of the enormous heat and moisture from Thailand.

The story of this blog started in Paris and it's path goes all along Europe, Asia, Central America and Middle Orient. Initially I was happy to get out of the shelter of my country and step by step it became a continuously wish to see more of our beautiful earth. Now it's a part of me . It's a style of life that defines my character. It's my main course from my daily food.

Romania is a gorgeous country where you can see the land in many and unknown phases, but meanwhile we are living into an world beyond imagination that cuts your breath. The culture, the history, the beauty and the rules of each community from Earth has it's own story and I'm eager to listen to it.

Dear reader, I promise to you that I will refine my thoughts into the future as my life goes ahead. I'm inpatient to express to you what I have learned my twelve countries and four continents.

Kind regards,

Your traveler

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